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 Mannlicher Schoenauers

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Leather Front Site Protector - Extremely Rare Belt and Buckle Closure 



Mannlicher Schoenauer Carbine Model 1903 cal 6.5x54 Serial number 24844 - double set triggers - 17.7" barrel complete with claw mount and Dialytan 4x scope serial number 52129 also has leather front sight and muzzle protector - extremely rare belt and buckle closure.


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Serial Number Cal.


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Proof # Proof Date Proof Mark


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Serial Number of Kahles Scope


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6.5x54 Cal.


Mannlicher Schoenauer model 1903 Carbine manufactured 1906.  Serial #3293 - 17.7 in. barrel - double set triggers - claw mount with original Kahles Wien 4/4 x 60 scope-optics refurbished by Kahles -11-14-07- original four piece cleaning rod in trap door butt plate.


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6.5 x 54 Cal.


Model 1903 Carbine Manufactured 1934 Serial Number 15726 18" Full Ribbed Barrel first listed as a factory option at a price of $35 by A.F. Stoeger, Inc. in their Arms, Ammunition, and Shooting Accessories catalog #23 year 1932 pg61. Cleaning rod in stock, shotgun type tang safety.  Barrel engraved, Atlantic Fine Guns Importers Ltd., Atlanta GA. Claw mount with #57151 Carl Zeiss scope.


Condition Absolute Mint


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9x56 Cal. M/S


Mannlicher Schoenauer Carbine Model 1905 - double set triggers - 17 7/8" barrel serial number 819.  Beautifully engraved and signed by master engraver Mains.  


Bill Mains, Master Engraver passed peacefully in Bandera, TX on Dec. 28. 2012.
Bill has been the contracted factory engraver for several firearm manufactures during his long career.  He was the primary factory Colt engraver from 1967-1972, and is attributed in many books with having engraved more 2nd generation Colt Single Actions, than any other engraver.  Most of Bill's factory engraved colts are stamped with a small buffalo under the cylinder pin, as he was working out of Buffalo, NY at that time.  He was also the factory engraver for the Ithaca gun Company, engraving all of their Single Barreled Trap Guns and many others for the last eleven years of their production. 

During Bill's twenty-seven years in Las Vegas, NV, he engraved guns, jewelry, and other items for celebrities such as Elvis, Frank & Barbara Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Liberace, Steven Spielberg, Buddy Hackett, Wayne Newton, Shirley McClain, BB King, etc., famous boxers Ridick Bowe, the Spinks Brothers, Mike Tyson, Oscar de la Hoya, and prominent political figures, Lt Col Oliver North, and former leaders of Indonesia (Suharto) and Algeria (Boumedienne).  Bill also engraved for thousands of private individuals through his long career and his work has been featured in numerous books and magazines.


Magnificent Grizzly in 24k gold on floor plate.  Initials in gold on trigger guard.  The following components of this piece are case colored.  The fore end cap, both sling swivels, all screws, the trigger plate, the boltstop, bolt tension spring, and the trap door buttplate.  The wing safety has the word "safe" inlaid in gold on one side and "fire" inlaid in gold on the other.  It is leather hard cased by Brady of London.  Also in the case are nine boxes of ten rounds each Kynoch ammo in excellent condition.  Condition of this entire package is EXCELLENT. 


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.30/06Cal. Model 52 carbine with upgraded wood (Mfg 1957) Deluxe factory engraved, Yeager detachable side mount with Berlin Pecar 3X7 scope.  Gun was a German delivery.  Serial number 21342.  Bolt was engine turned.  I believe at the Ramstein Air Force base gun club in Germany where the gun was purchased.  Condition Excellent.

caliber270.jpg (544808 bytes)


caliber2702.jpg (621758 bytes)

.270 Cal.


Model 1951 Carbine Manufactured 1951 Serial Number 8317 20" Barrel Single Trigger Engraved with Carved Stock complete with claw mount and Stith 2/34X scope MFG by Kolmorgan Opti Corp, North Hampton, MA


Condition Excellent


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.243 Cal.                RARE ALPINE MODEL  



MANNLICHER SCHOENAUER Alpine Carbine– Manufactured in 1966  This gun has a 20" barrel with double set triggers.  Select dark walnut stock, with excellent grain, Condition excellent with only a few light handling marks.  This is a custom classic hand made Mannlicher Schoenauer with deep relief engraved surfaces and hand executed carved gripping surfaces.   serial number 55725


Very limited production model, mfg. between 1965-1970  only in  caliber .243 or 30/.06 



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caliber3006.jpg (526119 bytes) .30/06Cal.


Mannlicher Schoenauer Alpine Carbine Manufactured 1965 Serial Number 48705 20" Barrel Rear sight.  One standing one folding


Condition Excellent


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.30/06 Cal.



MANNLICHER SCHOENAUER Model MCA Carbine – Manufactured in 1965.  It has a  20" barrel, single trigger, the rear sight has one standing and one folding leaf and it has a top tang safety.  The gun has been professionally restored and has excellent blueing and wood finish.  Excellent.  Serial # 49548


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6.5 X 54 MS Cal.



MANNILICHER SCHOENAUER  Model MC Carbine, Mfg. 1956, single trigger, 18” barrel, dark walnut stock with nice grain.  Condition likely unfired, few light handling marks, recoil pad-stock uncut     serial number 14617


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caliber65x54.jpg (537362 bytes) 6.5 x 54 Cal.



Model 1951 Carbine  Mfg 1951, Single trigger, serial number 5022  Complete with Lenpold Ajusto Moount and Leupold Pioneer 2/12X scope.  Few rub marks on magazine floor plate.  One slight bruise o right side of stock just forward of front swivel


Overall Condition Excellent


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